My Future goal :

Hi, in this article I’m going to write about something that’s very difficult for me to answer , I don’t really enjoy talking about my future life but in this time I’m ready to share with you what’s in my mind . 

You should know that I usually think about my future life. I don’t have a specific job that I want to do but I really want to enjoy doing my job, I think that working should be a passion. In my opinion coming to his job the morning and coming out the afternoon without feeling the hours passed is much better than working few boring hours for a lot of money. In reality I had a dream when I was child that I really want to accomplish and it isn’t medicine or engineering but combination of the two jobs. Engineer in biomechanics is one of my favorite dreams because I always liked to help people, and discover new things. This job is involved with creating and producing a variety of products in everyday use, from environmentally safe plastics to various foods, fabrics and medicines. A combination of chemical and biological engineering, it’s a fast-growing field with many new and exciting opportunities in genetic engineering and biotechnology. Normally Students who love science, are good with design and appreciate tough analytical challenges are ideally suited to Biomechanical Engineering. To achieve this dream I’m ready to do long studies and across many obstacles to finally live how I want to live and work without getting tired. As for now, I am only focusing all my attention on finishing my studies.
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 Also, before I have a family, I would like to travel overseas, see countries like America, China and travel through the East Europe countries. After I finish my education and travels, I plan to get married and have a family. I would like to live with my future family in a quiet, and modern apartment in a big city.

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Music and Me:

      Hi I’m Ihab! In this article I’m going to talk about my favorite kind of music, and artists. Music for me is a way to escape from the world and the reality; it can relax me when I’m tired, but also excite me when I’m working out.
      -I don’t really like a specific kind of music, I usually change and this depends on my emotions and state of mind; like when I’m studying I prefer to listen to some classical sounds like Mozart or Beethoven , and when I’m agitated or nervous I usually listen to rap. Also you should know that I rarely try to understand the lyrics so I often direct my opinion on the rhythm and the melody.
When I was a child I used to play guitar, it was my favorite instrument, and I stopped because I didn’t enjoy the lessons; but it steels my favorite instrument and I love to listen to it.

              Currently my favorite sounds are: Jarod-Icare ft Papo ; Vic Mensa-16 shots and Rob Stone –Chill Bill ft J.davis and Spooks .

                -I like rap, but the real rap! Not the new one who shows the money, girls and the rich lifestyle but the old rap who talk and denounce political issues and inequality. When I listen to the old rappers I always flourished in their words and admire the quality of their vocabulary. Before the rap was showing the sad and harsh side of reality and now it’s all based on lies and stupidity. This is why I enjoy listening to the old and classical rap, the French rap in particular.
So my favorites artistes are Tsr crew –The weeknd –Pnl –S-crw –Damso – 50cent – Future-Mz. (This is just the rappers)


                     To conclude this article I wanted to share with you one of my favorite French punch lines: Façon père sévère, j'veux pas qu'mon fils devienne mercenaire
J'veux qu'il aime sa mère et son dictionnaire.( As a severe father, I don’t want my son to become a mercenary ,I want him to love his mother and his dictionary )